Peter Hess Academy Finland – resonates in the land of thousands of lakes, cold winters and sunny summer nights

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from guest author Anne Matero

Löydät suomen kielen tekstin alla.

My name is Anne Matero and I am the Peter Hess Academy leader in Finland since 2010.

How this wonderful sound relaxation method came to Finland?  I had worked in Greece for 26 years in hectic travel business when I decided that it was time to make a change and move back to Finland in year 2010. Can you guess what I had in my suitcase? It was filled with seeds of sounds and a dream to come true, to open a Peter Hess Academy in Finland.

I was part of the first group of graduated Peter Hess sound massage practitioners when PHA Greece was taking its first baby steps by Anna and Nikos Avramidis 2004-2005. Now when I read my old hand written notes I feel so proud of this fantastic sound method and its great development throughout the years.

Since my first contact with singing bowls in Greece and then studies in Germany I have understood how true it is that we all have our unique sounds of ¨nature¨.  Finland as a country is located north and we speak our unique Finnish language.  My home is in Lapland (which is approx. 1/3 of the area of Finland) and where we have approx. 200 000 inhabitants and same amount of reindeers, huge areas of wild nature, forests and lot of nature waters like lakes, rivers and of course the sea. (mehr …)

Sound Massage – part of the interdisciplinary rehabilitation of seriously ill patients

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A look back on more than 10 hears of sound therapy in the HELIOS Clinic Leezen

by guest author Nicole Becker, published in german in the specialist journal Sound-Massage-Therapy, edition number 11/2016, European Association Sound-Massage-Therapy, D-27305 Bruchhausen-Vilsen

Flashback from my childhood

Christmas time 1973, Rostock, at the house for deep-sea fishermen . . . seamen who could not return to their families because their ship was to go out to sea again . . a children’s singing group and the youngest, Nicole Rhem (after the marriage of her parents Nicole Becker), who had just turned 3 years old, being pushed to the front next to a seemingly huge, glowing Christmas tree. “Now sing!“ She sang: “Silver bells . . . “ Hardy men started to tear up, their facial features softened, they even began to laugh. A glance between teacher and child meant that it went well; a caress, deep breath, happiness in the child. Joy, togetherness, emotion. From my perspective today, this is an early conscious memory of how music, singing, sound in the broadest sense, togetherness with others, as well as emotions – sometimes more and sometimes less meaningfully – were always part of my life. My path to becoming an educator and music teacher ultimately led me to music therapy in a neurology and intensive care rehabilitation center for severely ill patients. During the course of my 17 plus years there, the HELIOS Clinic Leezen developed into an acute care facility for early rehabilitation and an interdisciplinary rehabilitation center. It is now the largest weaning center in Germany and the largest clinic providing rehabilitation services in northern Germany.

Singing bowls – enrichment for my music therapy

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Peter Hess® Sound Massage in Sweden/ Peter Hess® klangmassage Sverige

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from guest author Iris Krüger, Peter Hess Academy Sweden

Obs!Texten på svenska finns neråt:

In september 2018 we had the first group for certification to Peter Hess® sound practitioner in Lund/Skåne, very close to where I live with my family since 2006. Exactly this year we got in touch with sound massage in South Tirol for real.

It was for sure love & passion at the first look, it felt like coming home to myself, finding basic trust and inner peace, abundance and relaxation for body , mind and soul. After several years living with sound & yoga in 2013 I attended an intensive training with Conny Henning in Gersfeld / Rhön Germany. Directly after my trainings, my vision has been clear since that. I wanted to bring this treasure to people in Sweden, help them to find “healing” tools for coming closer into homeostasis or balance. (mehr …)

Sound “accompaniment” in the context of palliative care

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from guest author Stephanie Schneider

Through memorable experiences of accompanying patients and their relatives, I have experienced the use of sound massage as a gentle and beneficial addition to palliative care. The intense, precious moments, that I have been able to witness in the hospice accompanying people in the last phase of their life since 2014 have shown me that each sound accompaniment – with all its new challenges and gifts- is like the secret of dying itself: unique.

The sound setting – space of being

With all this uniqueness, there are some basic aspects to the sound setting that I would like to introduce here and complete with case studies.

The starting point

Almost all patients in palliative care like to get involved in the gentle method of sound massage. If a patient wishes to receive sound massage or to know more about this technique, we make an appointment. Sometimes I am also called by the team and asked if I can see a patient for a sound session as soon as possible. Sometimes it is the relatives who contact me, knowing that the patient will appreciate this method of treatment. (mehr …)

Successful blood pressure therapy with Peter Hess® sound massage – Results of the Berlin hypertension sound therapy study

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by guest author Dr. Jens Gramann, MD


Hypertension – high blood pressure – presents one of the greatest challenges for internal medicine. Elevated blood pressure is often not recognized as a disease by patients but puts them at significantly higher risk of stroke and heart infarct. Kidney damage, vision problems, and early onset of dementia are also potential consequences. With over one billion people affected, hypertension is the most common
disease worldwide. In Germany, approximately half of the adult population is affected. Of these, only approx. one quarter is deemed to be successfully treated despite a very high commitment to diagnostics and pharmacological therapies. A devastating result for modern medicine.

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Sound relaxation/ Entspannen mit Klangschalen Podcast „Ufo to ganga“, CD Relaxed Mind

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Gast Autorin: Christine Heckel, Peter Hess Akademieleitung Spanien

guest author: Christine Heckel, Peter Hess Academy Spain

You can find the english version below…

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen eine weitere Hördatei aus der Audio-CD „Relaxed Mind“ von Christine Heckel und Wolfgang von Boyen zur Verfügung zu stellen.

Gehen Sie mit uns auf eine angenehme entspannende Reise. Relaxed Mind ist eine 60-minütige Audio-CD und eignet sich hervorragend zur Entspannung während Ihrer Yoga Praxis, zur Massage, zur Meditation oder Kontemplation … oder einfach nur so.

Die Musik von Relaxed Mind ist voller Freude und mit Spaß aus dem tiefsten Wunsch entstanden, anderen einen Moment der Ruhe, der Stille zu schenken. Auf Relaxed Mind können Sie die Klänge von verschiedenen Klangschalen, Gong, Flöte, Klangspiele und Stimme genießen. (mehr …)

Neuronal Effects of Peter Hess Sound Massage

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guest author Dr. med. Kerstin van den Dool (formerly Gommel)

In the research project described below, Dr. Kerstin van den Dool examines to what extent the subjective experience during a sound massage can also be objectively measured. Through measurements taken during a sound massage – in the course of an intensive training week as well as at the concluding seminar 100 days thereafter –  neuronal effects of sound massage of the participants could be established via EEG spectrum analysis as well as measurements of visual and auditory classification thresholds and compared to a control group for the first time.

The sound massage developed by Peter Hess thirty years ago continues to be further developed to this day. Numerous observations from practice by users and clients are consistently integrated. In 2009, a pilot study of the neuronal effects of sound massage examined the following questions:

  • Can the subjectively perceived effects of a sound massage be objectively measured?
  • Which measuring methods are applicable?
  • What is the effect of a sound massage?

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Sound Massage in Denmark / Klangarbejde in Danmark – Peter Hess® Academies Part X

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Du finder den danske tekst nedenunder…

Guest author: Anne Neess, leader of the Peter Hess Academy Denmark

Anne and Philip started the Nordlys Center (the Northern Light Center) in 1976 in Copenhagen and since then we have worked with massage, personal development, meditation, therapeutic touch and mandala drawings etc. Since 1979, the Nordlys Center has been situated in Silkeborg and thoughout the years, several thousand students have participated in our training to become coaches, massage therapists, masseurs, touch therapists and Peter Hess-Sound Massage Practitioners. Furthermore, Philip teaches development groups and enneagram courses. Anne also teaches mandala-drawing and is the head of the Sound Massage Academy.

In 2004, Philip and I were on an inspirational tour focused on wellness in Germany. In Badenweiler, we saw a poster with a picture of a woman with singing bowls on her body. I immediately knew I wanted to know more about this. (mehr …)

The burden of lower back pain – sound massage for a relaxed back by Zeljko Vlahovic

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from author Zeljko Vlahovic

We are all familiar with this story: the many challenges of our careers and everyday life proverbially rest on our shoulders; combine those with repetitive tasks and poor posture, and the result is an aching back. Statistics speak for themselves: one out of two Germans complains of occasional or chronic back pain. It is therefore no surprise that back symptoms are a frequent topic in the practice of sound massage. (mehr …)

Deine innere Insel Fantasiereise Podcast / Your inner island sound meditation Podcast

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von/ from Emily Hess

you can find the english version below…

Mit diesem Podcast möchte ich dich einladen, dir selbst eine kleine Klangpause zu gönnen. Gerne kannst du die Fantasiereise natürlich auch in deinen Kursen verwenden. Ich wünsche dir viel Freude damit, möge der Klang dich mit dir selbst in Kontakt bringen:

Wenn du die Möglichkeit hast, wäre es gut dich gemütlich hinzulegen und den Raum um dich herum so einzurichten, dass es dir möglich ist, für 30 Minuten klangvolle Ruhe und innere Bilder zu genießen.
Die Klänge begleiten dich und lassen dich jetzt oder gleich immer tiefer und tiefer zur Ruhe kommen. Und weißt du, es ist wunderbar, jetzt gleich drei tiefe Atemzüge zu nehmen und dich noch tiefer zu entspannen…gerade so tief entspannen, wie es angenehm und wohltuend für dich ist… träumen…
Alles ist möglich in deinen Träumen… und so könntest du mir auch folgen … an einen wunderschönen Ort… einen Strand… Wellen… eine Lagune… wie ein großer See mit einer Insel darin…
Ich überlasse es völlig dir, ob du dieses Bild entstehen lassen möchtest, wie du zusammen mit deinen Freunden oder deiner Familie an einem wunderschönen Strand sitzt… über die Lagune schaust… Stimmen um dich herum…
Möchtest du mehr Zeit hier verbringen? Einfach die Klänge genießen…Gut so….
Oder möchtest du langsam aufstehen und zum Wasser gehen… dich auf die blaue Luftmatratze legen, die dort auf den kleinen Wellen schaukelt…????
Die Luftmatratze ist angenehm warm in deinem Rücken… genau richtig… die Wellen können sich wie eine sanfte Massage anfühlen, die sich durch deinen ganzen Körper bewegt, dich selber überzeugen wie wunderbar es ist, wie entspannend und leicht …
Deine Luftmatratze bewegt sich sanft schaukelnd und massierend allmählich von dem Ufer weg auf die Insel zu… …Die Stimmen werden immer leiser… weit weg… aus der weiten Ferne kannst du alles sehen, deine Menschen, deinen Alltag oder deinen Beruf… weit weg…
…. genau so ist es richtig… jetzt ganz leicht… jetzt, da du weißt, du bist geborgen und sicher sanft auf der Insel …deiner inneren Insel… ankommen… Wohltuende Klänge, angenehme Düfte von Heilkräutern die zum Einsinken einladen… frei sein… Weite…Ruhe… Raum haben für deine Seele in deinem Inneren… Vögel in den hohen Baumwipfeln, ihr Gesang klingt wie fröhliches Kichern…
Dir bewusst werden wie es möglich ist, deinen Tag so zu gestalten, so dass die Kraft in deinem Inneren sich voll entfalten darf…
Und während du noch darüber nachdenkst, ist dein Unterbewusstsein schon dabei, die ersten kleinen Schritte der Veränderung vorzunehmen, die nötig sind, damit du genau dorthin kommst, ja genau dorthin.
Von deiner inneren Insel gibt es einen geheimen Weg in dein Leben hinein, den kannst du nun finden, über diesen
geheimen Weg, den nur du kennst, kannst du jederzeit wieder hierher zurückkommen auf deine innere Insel, die ein Ort der Ruhe ist, um Zeit zu haben, sich selbst anzufreunden, auf die eigenen Wünsche wieder zu hören…
Die Klänge spüren, die deinen Körper mit strömender Kraft erfüllen… mit Frische und Klarheit… wieder in das Alltagsbewusstsein zurückkommen. Deine Füße sind frisch und voller Energie – Deine Arme sind frisch und voller Energie – Dein Geist ist frisch und voller Energie.

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